Creativity is the key to a more beautiful world and a meaningful life

Creativity is one of the greatest strengths in humans. It brings art and color to the world. The movies and music that inspire us. New ideas and technological progress. It makes the difference in your company or in the workplace and it ensures self-expression and thus a more fulfilling life. It is the engine for solving our problems and can lead to sustainability and the evolution of our ideas.

What a world looks without creativity is something that we, unfortunately, also see amply around us.
It is gray and without inspiration. It’s a world where cheap is more important than beauty, value and sustainability. Where people settle for an unfulfilled life and fail to realize their dreams. Where employees carry out assignments instead of taking charge, and companies get stuck in the old structures instead of innovating, with all the negative consequences that it entails.

By tapping into creativity and shaping it, we can make a difference, both for the world and for ourselves. That can go as far as a new “golden age”, in which we can make the earth into a paradise again and the best of mankind can be expressed. But it starts as small as a feeling of meaningfullness in your daily life. Just think of how satisfying it is when you serve a meal prepared with care and love to your family, instead of heating something from a plastic package. Or how much fullfilment your own planted and nurtured garden brings you, instead of one made up of concrete tiles.

From small to large, creativity is the key to a more beautiful world and a meaningful life.

The Creative Current

The creative current, is a river of creativity, as it were. It springs from its source, wherever that may be, and flows entirely in its own course to the place where it eventually flows into. This can be in an idea or a creation, but it can also be in nothing if it is not used.

As a company, the Creative Current is committed to facilitating the creative process. We help people to open up to the creative current, to be able to harvest it and to convert it into their creations. Through coaching and training we discover together the mystical field of creativity and we develop methods that help us in a practical way to access more creativity and manifest it into form. In this way we contribute to a humanity that actively shapes the world around it and thus creates a life and ultimately a world full of inspiration, color and harmony.