In the logo of the Creative Current you see the African Baobab tree. This tree is said to have been put into the earth upside down, because its branches resemble the roots of a tree. This image is metaphorical for the creative process and therefore also for the Creative Current. Because when it comes to creating, we first of all get our nutrients, or ideas, from the sky. Step by step we bring these more down to the earth, by thinking about them and brainstorming, in order to eventually give them a shape and let them land on the earth.


Michiel Schrijnemaekers

Founder “the Creative Current”, musician, writer, gardener, father, project builder, life artist


I love creation and I love to create. It is perhaps the most beautiful quality of the human being.
We build, invent, compose, write, film, design, innovate. What one creates can be an inspiration or even a life-changer for many.
Creativity is what makes the world. We live in a world shaped by men hundreds of years ago and today.
What we create defines how we live, and perhaps even who we are ”

My name is Michiel Schrijnemaekers, also known by my artist name Michaël Sheiran.

Ever since I was 3 years old, it has been my dream to become a musician. I started learning to play the guitar at a young age to make that dream come true. Many bands with a wide musical spectrum followed who all contributed to my musical development; from rock to metal, to world music, to pop and jazz.
When it was time to go to college, I dove into the world behind the music. Through “Media and Entertainment Management” I got to know that world together with the business aspects of it. It was rough ground for a musician like myself, but it did give me a foundation that I can still build on to this day.

When I had mapped that world behind the music out, I wanted to get to know the world within the music. I became more and more interested and fascinated by what music and sound actually is and what it does! That is how I discovered and devoted myself to the alternative practice of soundhealing. I treated, massaged and in some cases even healed people through sound. And at a later stage I guided people therapeutically by taking them deeper levels of themselves where transformation and healing could acure. I did this in the form of soundscapes, meditations and ceremonies.
Eventually I also realized my long cherished dream and went on stage with my own written music, played to audiences of sometimes hundreds of people, and recorded my own albums. Something that I still do with great pleasure and love.

However, in all these musical developments I began to see that the process of writing music is not much different from that of writing texts, or drawing or painting, or gardening, or cooking, or dancing! Creativity, whatever it may be, is universal and provided the frameworks are correct, it can be molded into any desired shape. And so I started discovering many other forms of creation in which I could express and find new parts of myself. And I discovered the all-encompassing passion of all of this: exploring creativity itself and through it being able to serve the creative process of others.

I dived into a whole new world and developed myself as a coach, by following various training courses and discovering my own working method through practical experience. In it I found a quality of myself that I had noticed before in my life, but could only now really come into its own. Because where I come into contact with people, everything starts to flow again. A new house, a new job, a stagnant relationship that they end, a new love, or thus: their creative process.

This rediscovered quality of myself, combined with my many years of experience as an artist, and the knowledge and passion of creativity and the impact it can bring, formed a new dream and creation: the Creative Current. In it, I feel that everything I have done and discovered so far can come together and serve the world in a powerful way.